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Interactive dog snuffle mats for nosework training

Introducing Pawzzle Mats — fun, interactive dog feeding and training mats designed to mimic the hunt for food in nature.

MAde for hours of fun

Turn your dog's mealtimes into playtimes

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Enriching Experience

Great mental stimulation

Having a sniffing routine can increase happiness, reduce anxiety and improve confidence in dogs! While humans are visual creatures, dogs use scents to process and analyze the world - so sniffing fulfills a major part of their sensory needs!

How it works


My dogs LOVE their Pawzzle mats! They get super excited when I start hiding the treats in their mats and they would beg me to add more when they run out of their treats!

Michaela N.

I highly recommend these mats to all dog owners. My pup usually has no appetite, but she loves eating from her Pawzzle Mat because it's like a fun game for her. Thanks for making this!

Bryan G.

I've never seen my dog gets so excited for a toy until I bought him the Pawzzle mat! He loves it so much that he even sleeps on it sometimes! I just love seeing how happy and excited he is!

Summer M.

Happy Hunting!