Brown dog sniffing the “sailor of the sea” dog feeding and snuffle mat in yellow background
Red blue white sailor sea dog snuffle mat for nosework training and slow feeding, front
Details of sailor of the sea dog sniffing and training mats from Pawzzle

Pawzzle Mat - Sailor of the Sea

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Sail across the ocean and get ready for an immersive adventure with our Sailor of the Sea Pawzzle Mat, designed for the adventurous pups!

Pawzzle Mats are the perfect dog training and feeding mats for interactive play and nosework training. Made for dogs of all breeds and sizes, these snuffle mats help to stimulate your dog’s brain and sense of smell by encouraging foraging skills and mimicking their hunt for food in nature. Our snuffle mats are simple to use, yet they’re highly effective and fun! And when you’re done? Simply throw in the washing machine and fold to store.

  • Width: 27.6 inches / 70 cm
  • Height: 19.7 inches / 50 cm
  • Machine-washable
  • 100% handmade
  • Made of premium soft fleece
  • Anti-slip base for minimal mess and secure playtimes

Nosework training

An enriching experience for dogs

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